Alejandro "Alex" Sosa: A wealthy land owner, educated in England and had a good childhood upbringing. He is now the business brain and drug overlord of an empire that stretches across the Andes.
Achilles slays Hector over the death of Patroclus:
By: Peter Raul Rubens:
Joseph "Broadway Joe" Namath: kneeling on the sideline in a full length
fur coat in the 3rd quarter vs New England Patriots
with his backup quarterback Al Woodall:
circa: Nov. 11th 1973:
Battle Of Corinth: last day before the Roman legions looted
and burned the Greek city of Corinth:
circa: 146 BC:
Diego Maradona: & Freddie Mercury: in Argentina:
circa: 1981:
Dame Anna Wintour DBE: & Andre Leon Talley: at
a New York fashion awards dinner:
circa: 1988:
A teenage Jean-Michel Basquiat: in Brooklyn, NY
circa: late 70's:
Daniel "Dapper Dan" Day: in his Harlem, NY Boutique located
on 125th St btwn Madison & 5th Avenues:
circa: 2019:
Karl Otto Lagerfeld:, designing for the French
fashion house Jean Patou after leaving Balmain:
circa: 1960:
Micheal "AIR" Jordan: sitting on his 1993 Corvette ZL1
circa: Chicago 1993:
Maria Victoria Henao: with her husband Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria:
circa: 1979:
Amendment II: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to security
of free State, the right of the people to keep and bear
Arms, shall not be infringed:"
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay
with problems longer:
-Albert Einstein:
holding two 1911 Colt .38 Super Competition
custom plated pistols:
Manere Verum: Embroidery Collection:
coming soon:!
Manere Verum: Private Label:(inside tag)
A: Manere Verum: "Classico Crewneck Sweatshirts:"(XS/Dusty Pink)  B: Manere Verum: "Classico Hoodie:"(XXL/Maroon)

A: Manere Verum: "Classico Crewneck Sweatshirts:"(XS/Dusty Pink)

B: Manere Verum: "Classico Hoodie:"(XXL/Maroon)

Manere Verum: Handmade Woven Label:'s(left hem:)
"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do:"
-Bruce Lee:
"One Day The Poor Will Have Nothing Left To Eat
But The Rich:"


1962 Ferrari 330 LM Sport Prototype:

with Leonardo Da Vinci:'s "Mona Lisa:" in the driver seat:


50-footer: "Go Fast Boat:"