*Manere Verum: Is the Latin meaning to, “Stay True”.  To be who you are as a person and to stand tall for what you truly believe in.



  *Peony:(flowers), represents wealth and honor. It also embodies romance, beauty and love. Peonies are also regarded as the omen to good fortune and are traditionally given on special occasions as an expression of goodwill, best wishes and joy. 

  *The symbolic meaning of the red-charm color closed peonies, are for the Beginning of ones life: Our choice to use the open pink peony, is for the Beauty of ones existing life.




  *The deep root meaning for the AK-47 gun: A symbol of representation of the awareness and the mindset of proper gun safety. Especially with what's going in the present times of our society. We need to have stronger knowledge and training to protect ourselves as citizens and human beings

The AK-47 is known as one of the world's most reliable firearms. Yes, you're correct. It is a gun, but despite it's negative propaganda that has hovered over like a dark cloud. As you can see, we didn't embody the full image of the entire gun, we purposely made sure our "Manere Verum" lettering took the place of the body of the gun. We still choose to use it's blatant symbolism as an image of hope, strength and protection.

 *For all "Stay True" people that will protect themselvesfamily, loved ones and their property; that one has rightfully earned by any means necessary. Our clothing represents the revolutionary mindset of an individual who is all about change.



      *As The Clothing Company, we aim to “Stay True” to “Manere Verum” our quality of material, unique fun creativity, and attention to detail of the design. For you, our customer. Our mission is to provide luxury, quality, cost effective and casual modern hip fashion for all unisex genders.

    *Manere Verum: brings thought provoking-slightly breaking the rules with rebellious artwork incorporated into luxury quality modern fashion. Our focus is to make “Manere Verum” a part of ones personality, and a clothing brand you cherish. We're in the section of your closet that no one can borrow from.

    *In the end, the artwork you choose from Manere Verum: represents whom you feel you are inside and allows you to speak out without saying a word. That's what Manere Verum: will work hard to fulfill!



                                                                     Manere Verum

                                                               The Clothing Company.



*We Do Not promote Gun Violence, just Art with Fashion!