Luxury Revolutionary Fashion!



Manere Verum: Is the Latin meaning of, “Stay True” to who you are as a person and to stand tall for what you believe in:

  *Peony:(flowers), the Greek goddess of fertility are the flowers that symbolize the beauty and process of life:

  *The symbolic meaning of the red-charm color closed peonies, are for the Beginning of one’s life: Our choice to use the open pink peony, is for the Beauty of one’s existing life:

  *The deep root meaning for the AK-47 gun: Represents any "Stay True" person that will protect themselves, family, loved ones and their property that one has rightfully earned by any means necessary: Our clothing represents the revolutionary mindset of an individual who is all about change.

      As The Clothing Company, we aim to “Stay True” to “Manere Verum:” our quality of material, unique creativity, and attention to detail of the design: For you our customer. Our mission is to provide luxury quality modern fashion for all unisex genders:

    Manere Verum: brings thought provoking-slightly breaking the rules with rebellious artwork incorporated into luxury quality modern fashion: Our focus is to make “Manere Verum” a part of one’s personality, and a clothing brand you cherish: We're in the section of your closet that no one can borrow from:

    In the end, the artwork you choose from Manere Verum: represents whom you feel you are inside and allows you to speak out without saying a word:

That's what Manere Verum: will work hard to fulfill:!


Manere Verum:


*We Do Not promote Gun Violence, just Art with Fashion:!